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Our user's letter: " I looked at and congratulate. Nice work operate, and what nowadays every case true, how all also so, how the described in help. But also every clear since, logic and implicit every function."

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CabMap's fields of application
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The software is designed to support the assessment, documentation, maintenance and development of optical networks

A decade of knowledge distilled into our new ErdaGIS system, a modular solution aimed at various markets. The product runs under MS Windows, using a Bentley engine and featuring "You Get What You Need" architecture.

- After consultation, we offer the lowest cost option for the Bentley engine. The more you want to tweak the engine, the more expensive the package gets

- from a free viewer to a full-featured, 5000 USD backbone. We also license the engine - there is no financial advantage for us to recommend a more expensive solution.

- Based on the engine, we develop a personal graphic interface. You see what you use. No complications. No unnecessary (and costly) features.

- If you need additional features, extras, add-ons or simply want your logo to appear as a loading screen, we can modify the user interface for your convenience. No hidden monthly fees; if you need more, we can deliver. Price? Glad you asked, we charge the same as we would have done at the beginning of the project.





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